KITTY DECIDES, a web installation to benefit animal rescue

KITTY DECIDES is a lighthearted entertainment with a serious mission: to translate our obsession with the online feline into meaningful donations to help animals. The music video/performance event has been viewed over 50,000 times and has been distributed by Virgin America. 

15-second Blockbuster Teaser Trailer!:

Kitty Decides trailer at Vasquez Rocks


An egg-shaped trailer painted bubblegum pink stands alone in a desert, framed by rocks jutting dramatically skyward. From inside, a woman in a skintight catsuit emerges and begins to dance to a percolating electronic beat punctuated by purrs and meows. 

Los Angeles, CA -- KITTY DECIDES, a web installation by media installation artist Amy Raasch, is a lighthearted entertainment with a serious mission: to translate our obsession with the online feline into meaningful donations to help animals. The music video/performance event, viewed over 50,000 times, is now playing Virgin America Airlines.

"Many cats love being pet...until the moment when they do not," says Raasch, whose multi-media performances embrace animal themes. "That is when play gets serious. The song and video were inspired by that moment."

Artist Amy Raasch on set

"Some perceive cat's changing moods as precarious, but they are not so different from humans. Lovers change their minds, family members snap at each other, people step on each others' necks to advance their careers. Unlike animals, humans don't have an excuse when they act like animals." 

Playwright, actor and musician Raasch's forthcoming media installation, GIRLS GET COLD, is a mash-up of music, film and theatrical storytelling that examines animal behavior in humans and vice-versa. "There will be talking animals," promises Raasch. KITTY DECIDES, the project's debut video, focuses on cats, many of whom have already become Internet sensations, including Wiggle Cat, Marmaladeand the infamous OMG Cat.

Raasch also discovered new talent, garnering amateur video from pet owners who believe their cats belong on camera, as well as capturing experienced stage performer, Tuna, in her element.

Music was produced by songwriter David PoeKelly Jones, whose 80s-reminiscent viral video for the Foo Fighters, White Limo, quickly garnered millions of views on YouTube, directs.

Each year, Americans spend over $56 billion on pet care and rack up billions more views of online cat videos every day. Most of the time, benefit to the animals they love to watch = $0. With proceeds benefitting animal rescue efforts, KITTY DECIDES aims to inspire cat video devotées to support rescue organizations in need, such as Sante D'Or, Kitty Bungalow, Stray Cat Alliance and Kitten Rescue.
With a rock band of seven year-old grrrls, a handful of curious rescue kittens and the artist alternating between a Julie Newmar-inspired catsuit and leopard print hoodie-footie pajamas, principal photography for KITTY DECIDES took place at Vasquez Rocks. The striking desert landscape just outside Los Angeles has provided a memorable backdrop for seminal film and television sci-fi, including legendary episodes of the original Star Trek television show. Cameras rolled on Raasch as she danced fervently in a pleather catsuit in the 100-degree sun: "The right way that Kitty likes," she purrs into the lens. "The wrong way, when kitty BITES!"

Nearby, in a pink, air-conditioned 1956 Pleasurecraft trailer, a rescue cat named Tuna clicks on a remote control, watching videos on an orb-shaped vintage television. "We watch cats. Cats watch us," muses Raasch, adjusting the ears of her leopard-spotted onesie. "What do we learn from our virtual pets, and how can we translate that understanding into meaningful action to help them?"

Animal Rescue Resources

Cute online animal videos are there for us whenever we need a smile. Yet for every happy, domesticated animal we see online, another faces hunger, sickness, or abuse. We can make a difference! RIght now, there's a rescue organization in your hometown that would love your old blankets and pillows, unused stack of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, that five bucks you were going to spend on a latte, or the couple of spare hours on the weekend you'd spend watching cat videos anyway:

RED ROVER - Helps families with pets safely escape domestic violence together
KITTEN RESCUE - Senior cat sanctuary and homeless kitten nursery
KITTY BUNGALOW - Socializes feral kittens and turns them into adoptable pets
SANTE D'OR - Rescues and rehabilitates high-risk animals and places them into loving homes
FIX NATION - TNR vanguard; free spay/neuter
SNP LA - Affordable spay/neuter/wellness and mobile vet care for underserved communities
STRAY CAT ALLIANCE - TNR, high-risk cat rescue, adoptions, community education (check out their website for helpful info!)

HELP for FREE!: Click DAILY HERE. Yup, that's it. Every click means food and care for shelter pets in need. You can even set a daily email alert to remind you.

Thank you for caring. Please spread the word about your favorite rescue organizations with friends and family. Every little bit helps!

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